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UNRATED: Revelations of a Rock 'n' Roll Centerfold by Carrie Stevens (Author)

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They were just a couple of tweets, but they propelled actress and Playboy Playmate Carrie Stevens into the headlines as stories swirled about sexual harassment in the movie industry and President Trump’s alleged affairs. Besieged by the media, Carrie was shocked and astounded at the frenzy these tweets aroused. It convinced her that she needed to write her memoir. Her attitude: If they think these stories are sensational just wait until they hear about all of her life’s adventures. The result is UNRATED Revelations of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Centerfold, the memoir of an unimaginable evolution from small town girl, to an extraordinary life in the fast lane. A life in which she had intimate encounters with marquee celebrities from all walks of life—rock stars, Oscar winning actors, movie stars, royalty, a future president, sports legends, and billionaires. It’s a life she shared with the privileged and the powerful that took her from KISS's tour bus to the Playboy Mansion, hopping on private jets at a moment’s notice and cruising the Mediterranean on mega-yachts. And even six months as a “guest” in the exotic harem of the Prince of Brunei.

Unrated_BackCover Carrie candidly admits that she chose to become a sex object because she couldn’t escape being treated like one. She takes you on an unapologetic, whirlwind adventure of debauchery, disfunction and heartache with humor and wisdom. Carrie reflects on the tornado of emotional torture she’s endured and the choices she has made, including life as a single mother. Her story is more than that of survival...It’s about soul mates. In her quest for what matters most in life, (and twenty-nine years after his passing) Carrie can’t let go of her love for her late boyfriend, Eric Carr, drummer for the rock band KISS. Yet, through the years, she has found a way to embrace the loss, and use it as her guiding light. Eric will always be the heart and soul of her story.

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